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Po Dunk - Kid Rock Ringtone Free Download

Artist: Kid Rock
Album: Sweet Southern Sugar
Released: 2017
Category: Country Music

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Kid Rock stayed true on a promise to drop new music at midnight Friday (July 14). The rap-rock, country singer released videos for "Po-Dunk" and "Greatest Show on Earth."

Of the two, "Po-Dunk" seems aimed at the country format. His new record deal with BMG/Broken Bow Records allows him room to pursue airplay at all sorts of radio stations (or none, as he indicated the deal is far from the norm) and this four-and-a-half-minute tribute to life in the deepest parts of the rural America feels like one a country fan may celebrate.

Po Dunk - Kid Rock Ringtone Lyrics:

Little toe headed rascal peeing off the porch
Daddy got a shotgun looking for a stork
(Oh Lord)

And that's po (po) dunk (dunk)
Don't give a flying hillbilly fuck
I said po (po) dunk (dunk)
House full of youngins and a yard full of junk
Love us if you can, sorry if you can't

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