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Ringtone Chloraseptic - Eminem, Phresher Free Download

Artist: Eminem
Featured artists: ScoHoolie & Phresher
Album: Revival
Released: 2017
Category: Rap - Hip hop

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"Chloraseptic" is a song by American rapper Eminem. It is the fourth track from his ninth solo studio album Revival (2017). The song, written by PMD, Erick Sermon, Mr. Porter & Eminem; produced by Mr. Porter, Emile Haynie, Mark Batson and Eminem himself. It was released on December 8, 2017. Now, you can listen and download ringtone Chloraseptic by  Eminem & Phresher for free, no any charge and high quality. in mp3, m4r, m4a and aac format.

Lyrics Ringtone Chloraseptic:

'Cause I'm tearin' at your flesh with it
'Til your larynx and neck are split
With these lyrics, weapons, expert with
Like hair extensions, extra clips
And you're scared to effin' death of it
Bitch, you're starin' at a legend that
In a pair of Skechers, sweatshirt ripped
And hoodie black, should be strapped
To a chair or stretcher, electric, swear on every record, bitch
Finger so high in the air, I'll bet your senses flip
Like a barometric pressure switch
Carin' less who I offend with this
I'm at your neck like Pez dispense
Go 'head, spit your flow, bitch!

I'm at your throat like chloraseptic, 'septic
And you got strep, I'm too complex with, 'plex with
This shit I wrote is on some next shit, next shit
I'm at your throat, I'm feelin' reckless, reckless, yeah

And I'll take a hundred of you, hundred of you
All at once like I had nothin' to lose, what can I do?
My appetite for destruction is loose, destruction is loose
And all it wants is to have somethin' to chew
Somethin' to chew, somethin' to chew.

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